Small plates

Small dishes, perfect for sharing and enjoying with a cold beer or flask of sake. Zensai (small plates) also make great starters for those wanting a traditional starter/main/dessert style meal.
枝豆     Edamame
Delicately salted green soy beans
蛸わさび      Tako wasabi
Diced Octopus in wasabi served in sake cup.
山 ごぼうキンピラ      Yamagobo kinpira
Pan fried spicy burdock sprinkled with sesame seeds
あん肝ポン酢     Ankimo Ponzu
Monkfish liver drizzled with ponzu, spring onions and grated spicy daikon
冷奴     Hiyayako
Cold fresh tofu served with ginger, spring onions bonito flakes and light soya sauce dip
厚揚げ生姜醤油     Atsuage Shogayaki
Deep fried and grilled tofu topped with spring onions bonito flakes and grated ginger on the side
もずく酢     Mozuku-su
Mozuku seaweed served bathed in light rice vinegar
酢の物     Sunomono
A selection of the finest seafood marinated in traditional Japanese vinaigrette
おひたし     Ohitashi
Boiled spinach rolls seasoned with light soy sauce and sprinkled with bonito flakes
鮭/鮪ユッケ風     Salmon or Tuna Yukke
Chopped raw Salmon or yellow fin tuna mixed with sesame oil, spicy miso and topped with a raw quails egg yolk, spring onions and dried nori seaweed
茶碗蒸し     Chawan Mushi (Dinner Only)
Layers of prawn, chicken and mushroom covered with a delicate steamed egg custard
揚げ出し豆腐     Age Dashi Dofu
Deep fried bean curd bathed in light soy sauce served with grated daikon, ginger and spring onion
豚バラキムチ     Buta Bara Kimuchi
Stir-fried pork belly with garlic and spicy Chinese cabbage
ソフトシェル唐揚げ     Soft Shell Karaage
Deep fried soft shell crab served with an authentic ponzu dip
揚げ餃子     Age Gyoza
Deep fried vegetable and chicken dumpling served Chisou's special dip
牛たたき     Gyu Tataki
Prime beef fillet seared and thinly sliced served with garlic, sesame oil and ponzu sauce
手羽塩焼き     Teba Shioyaki
Grilled chicken wings lightly salted
つくね焼き     Tsukune Yaki
Skewer of grilled minced chicken balls coated in teriyaki sauce
焼き鳥 (タレ・塩)     Yakitori
Skewers of grilled chicken coated in Chef’s special sauce or lightly sprinkled with salt
豚バラ獅子唐串焼き(タレ・塩)     Buta Bara Shishitou
Grilled skewers of pork belly and sweet chilly lightly brushed in Chisou’s special Teriyaki sauce
ピリ辛海老揚げ     Pirikara ebi age
Deep Fried Black Tiger prawns with spicy Chisou mayonnaise