We have a great selection of salads including our signature Horenso creation, with spicy juicy tiger prawns served on a bed of fresh spinach leafs and dressed with a yuzu dressing. Highly recommended.
アボカド海鮮サラダ     Avocado & Sashimi Salad
Mixed greens, seaweed and avocado salad tossed in Japanese dressing served with sashimi
ほうれん草サラダ     Horenso Salad
Baby spinach salad topped with spicy prawns and sweet carrot, drizzled in Yuzu vinaigrette
焼き帆立サラダ     Yaki Hotate Salad
Seared scallops on a bed of salad served with Yuzu vinaigrette
グリーンサラダ     Green Salad
Mixed green salad served with a traditional Japanese dressing
豆腐サラダ     Tofu Salad
Tofu, seaweed and salad drizzled in light Japanese dressing