We pride ourselves on working with the best suppliers and partnering with key businesses to improve the way our restaurants run. Please feel free to browse our partner websites for more information.

Bodydoctor offer some of the best personal training and nutrition services around. We are pleased to be working with Bodydoctor and highly recommend their services to all our customers.

Keiryu produce premium sake from their Nagano brewery in Japan. Now run by Hidesaburo Endo (the 6th generation of the Endo family to be doing so), the product only uses the best yamadanishiki rice and the clear spring waters of Suzaka.

Representing eleven Sake breweries and three shochu distilleries, World Sake Imports distributes the finest Japanese beverages throughout the UK and USA. Their mission is to deliver products that taste the same in the bars and restaurants of Europe and America as they do in Japan. Their careful handling and shipping of sake and shochu allows us to serve exceptional drinks to our customers.

Now the pre-emminent supplier of fish to Japanese restaurants in the UK, Sun Ocean Ltd are a key supplier for Chisou restaurants. Delivering the freshest sashimi grade fish on a daily basis, their product allows our chefs to create beautiful Japanese dishes for our customers.