World Sake Day

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Nihonshu no Hi

It was great to see some sake enthusiasts out for World Sake Day on the 1st October.World sake day

In Japan it marks the beginning of the sake production process, which typically happens throughout autumn and into winter. It’s a national event in Japan as people celebrate their traditional drink.

At Chisou we decided it would only be fair to give all our customers a chance to try some of the more high-end sakes on our list, so gave a 25% discount on all bottles purchased on the 1st October.

It was a great success and something we will definitely be repeating next year.

If you missed out on world sake day but would like to try some of our amazing sake why not drop us an email here with the subject line ‘I missed out on world sake day’ and we’ll sort you out with a 10% discount on all bottled sake till the end of October.

You might also want to join one of our sake events coming up over the next few months at part of our regular Sake Club. You can find information about them here.

Until next time kampai…

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