To (wasa)bi or not to (wasa)bi.....that's the question

Possibly the only green condiment in the world - how much wasabi should you be using?

Wasabi root

Hot like mustard, green like spinach and with antibacterial properties that make it the ideal partner for sushi and sashimi, wasabi is not your usual condiment.

But how much should we use and on what kind of food?

Truth is wasabi should be used sparingly. A Japanese chef will add it to sushi so you don't have to (mixing it with soy sauce is not the 'done thing') and put it on the side of sashimi dishes.Sushi and wasabi

When eating raw fish add the wasabi directly to the fish and then dip it in soy sauce.

Wasabi makes an excellent addition to sauces, pickles and relishes. Mix it with some mayonnaise to make a great spicy sauce or drop a little in a Bloody Mary to give your cocktails and Asian style kick. 



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