Sake club July the low down

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So we continued our summer sake club dates with a night of cowboys, fishermen and a super tasty burger last Wednesday.

The event was to celebrate two of the new sakes we will be bringing from Japan this summer.

Cowboy is a yamahai junmai ginjo, its deep earthy flavours making it perfect for red meat, hence the burger! We also sampled another sake from the Shiokawa brewery, their much lighter and fruitier Fisherman, designed for seafood, but also great with the sweet relish on the burger.

We were pleased everyone enjoyed the drinks and food, the comparisons to red and white wine from the sakes were a common observation and there was lots to be discussed over several glasses of each sake.

Remember if you missed this evening you can still sign up for September’s club here. We’ll be tasting the Fisherman again as well as another sake TBC. Food will come in the form of the infamous billionaire sushi roll! More info to come.

In the meantime take a look through our photos from the event.

Burger and sake night

Sake club London

Wagyu and sake night

Sake night at Chisou

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