Japanese World Cup hangover cures

Celebrating a big win or drowning the sorrows of a crushing defeat, the next day is never pretty. However Japanese food is the perfect reviver.

Here are our top 5 Japanese foods for getting you back on the pitch.

1. Miso soup 

Full of vitamins from the konbu dashi (kelp) or fish stock, a hot cup of miso will get the blood flowing, re-hydrate and re-vitalise.

2. Green Tea 

Anti-oxident rich and a great way to flush out those toxins. Green tea is the cure for many ills. Grab a big cup and let it work its magic.

3. Edamame

Give your digestive system a helping hand with a bowl of salted soya beans. Replacing lost sodium as well as lots of healthy fibre and vitamins.

4. Zosui

A Japanese staple comfort food, this vegetable soup with lots of rice is the perfect steaming revitalising dish for the day after the night before.

5. Sake 

If in doubt you could also go big and hit the hair of the dog. A glass of high grade sake might just take the edge off things, but go easy, you need to be back at work on Monday!

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