7 types of awesome vegan sushi

With the festive season done for another year we take a look at our top vegan sushi options now that #Veganuary2016 is in full swing. 

1. Myoga nigiri

The edible flower buds of Japanese ginger make a great tasty and healthy alternative to fish. Try with a drop of soy sauce. YUM. 


2. Natto maki

Fermented soy beans are full of goodness and have a sweat nutty taste. Not for everyone but die hard sushi fans kill for a good natto roll. 


3. Asparagus nigiri

Fresh crunchy with a natural earthiness, asparagus goes beautifully with seasoned sushi rice. 



4. Ume shiso maki

Sour plum and fresh shiso, the perfect combo and one of our favourite non fishy rolls. 



5. Kappa maki

Named after a naughty water nymph, the kappa love to eat cucumber. Fresh, crunchy, simple and delicious. 



6. Avocado maki

Creamy ripe avocado is one of the most used non-fish sushi ingredients. Melt in the mouth and so amazing when seasoned with a dash of soy sauce. 


7. Omakase veg futo maki

Why not let the chef make you a creation of his own using all your favourite vegan ingredients!

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