5 classic Japanese food and drink pairings

Picking the perfect drink to go with your meal can be tricky in a Japanese restaurant.

We put together 5 classic and tested pairings to help you out. Enjoy.

Rose and Horenso (spinach) 

Whether it's an ohitashi or a classic salad (like the one we serve at Chisou) the natural sugars in the leafs and wine go very well together, especially when these are boosted with a dressing which also draws out the fruit flavours too. Try the Nyetimber Rose 2009 on our list.

Sea eel (unagi) and demi-sec sparkling wine

Kabayaki sauce is sweet and rich. A good medium sweet sparkling wine will stand up and compliment the flavours and partner well with the slight smokeyness of the eel. Again our Nyetimber Demi Sec NV is a great choice.

Classic grilled fish and Junmai Yamahai sake

Yamahai sake has a great earthyness which goes very well with grilled dishes. A little oakyness is also perfect for fish with an oily quality. Try our Tedorigawa "Yamahai Junmai" with a nice grilled salmon and you won't go far wrong.

Sashimi and daiginjo sake

Daiginjo sake is light, crisp and delicate, a great choice if you are eating non oily sashimi. Try something with a little sweetness and some citrus notes like our Hoyo "Kura no Hana" with a nice omakase sashimi 3 kinds. Delicious!

Misozuke scallops and white wine 

A classic match. Scallops and a crisp cold white wine is a marriage made in heaven. The sweet miso sauce served with our misozuke scallops goes especially well with the Charles Smith Kung Fu 2012 Riesling on our list.


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