Welcome to Chisou Japanese Restaurant London

Our two central London Japanese restaurants are tranquil, intimate and exciting spaces to enjoy some of the most beautifully authentic Japanese food London has to offer.

We take our customers' love of Japanese cuisine very seriously, creating menus filled with exceptionally well presented and seasonally changing dishes.

You are invited to explore the best of Japanese cooking

Whether it's a selection of super fresh sushi or sashimi served at the counter or a banquet of dishes accompanied by elegant sake and wine, you'll find each restaurant a haven of traditional design with a modern ambiance.

All of our locations have space available for events and private dining. From business meetings to celebrations and launches, please get in contact with us and we'll be happy to show you around and help you book an area.

If you would like to leave feedback or require more detailed information about any of our restaurants or food please contact us via our social media accounts or email us directly on info@chisourestaurant.com

Go yukkuri dozo!